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An Appraiser Is a Representative of Your Company
November 8th, 2008 9:41 AM

    If you order appraisals, have you ever thought about the impression your appraiser makes on your clients? If you think about it, your appraiser is part of your team and to some extent is a reflection of your company.

    When I first started appraising, I remember working with guys that would show up to inspections in shorts and tee shirts, army camo, or the more happening "hip-hop" attire consisting of baggy pants, oversized sweat shirts and gold chains around their neck. Back in the day when loans were fast and furious, this probably didn't matter much. However, in these days of economic insecurity, I think people feel a lot more comfortable when a professional knocks on their door.

    As a representative of your team, my colleges and I always perform inspections in a professional manner, with appropriate dress and attitude. We strive to instill confidence in the person who's house we are inspecting and are always polite and cordial. Unlike some appraisers who quickly and superficially look over a property, we take the time to perform a thorough inspection and answer any questions. If any questions arise later, they are always answered with courtesy and professionalism.

    Our mantra: "Customer Service is Job One!!"


    So, the next time you're thinking about hiring an appraiser, think about the impression they will make on your client. Do you want to risk losing a deal because your appraiser made a bad impression or insulted your client? Feel free to give me a call if you need a professional appraisal in a timely manner. I can help you and your clients with all of your valuation needs.


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Posted by Paul McEwen on November 8th, 2008 9:41 AMPost a Comment

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